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This strong and powerful team of Ottawa photographers combine in a manner that responds technically to changing conditions, quickly moving through situations in a way that facilitates exceptional photographs. We study moments and people. On top of everything, we have fun and we're real. We each have families of our own and recognize the importance of building and maintaining relationships. Having young children has given Dennis and Patricia the insight into creating an enjoyable, easygoing atmosphere while staying professional and fun.

Who is Dennis Jackson?

Dennis is an accomplished photographer. He spent the first part of his photographic career taking pictures on medium print format film. This was a time when the camera did not talk to the lens, the lens did not talk to the camera, and the camera and lens did not talk to the flash. Calculations had to be done manually and quickly so as to not lose the moment. As such, Dennis' technical prowess supersedes todays modern equipment. This understanding creates ease and enables Dennis to build strong and comfortable relationships during a photo session. All while making the process of taking pictures seem effortless. And the resulting photographs are always astounding.

Who is Patricia Jean-Vezina?

Patricia is a consummate professional. Her strength lies in connecting with her clients and building upon common interests with those in her presence. She has the ability to modify conditions with ease finding the right setting to capture moments. She can transform a room in moments to her own personal studio and her calm nature and keen eye creates images that inspire. Her goal is to photograph you; personally and honestly.

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